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We offer a range of fun, high-energy After School Clubs across Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Our focus is engaging all children to have fun whilst keeping fit and healthy. Our clubs are non-competitive, non-sporty, and are designed to get all kids up and moving. 

Our aim is to provide all children with fun activities that develop fitness, co-ordination and social skills. Alongside high-energy moves, our clubs also include mindfulness and yoga-based stretching to improve concentration and wellbeing.

Get in touch if your school is interested in offering any of our clubs. All clubs are charged to parents and are offered at no cost to the school.




Bounce Kids is our most popular club and is always oversubscribed. It's a fun and exciting class that is a real winner with children and parents. 

We use mini trampolines (rebounders) to improve children's fitness, co-ordination, balance and teamwork skills. Over a half term we learn and develop routines to a variety of funky pop songs, play games and have lots of bouncing fun. This high-energy class is perfect for any kid that loves to jump, it doesn't require an prior skills or experience and is suitable for all age groups.


For this class we require storage of the trampolines for the duration of the club. A space 1.5mx 3m is sufficient as the trampolines can be stacked.


Drum Fit is a high energy, fun and noisy class. We use Pilates balls as drums and bang these with drum sticks (or soft foam sticks for younger children) to create music and routines to popular songs. We also use the drum equipment for fitness exercises, games and stretching.   

Throughout the club, children use their whole body to learn rhythm, improve their fitness (it's harder than it looks!) and, most importantly, have fun.


Fit Kids uses a circuit training format where children complete fun activities and games to improve their fitness.

Activities are varied from week to week. Each session is fast-paced with simple, engaging games and challenges. Children forget they are working out and can focus on having fun.

All equipment is provided and the class can take place indoors or outdoors. 


Combat Kids is based around the moves of boxing, kick boxing and martial arts. This club teaches children the basic moves with a fitness focus.

Combat Kids is non-contact and non-competitive. Children are taught to use boxing gloves, pads and punch bags to develop their skills with a focus on control, respect and mindfulness.

This class does not require any previous skills or experience.

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