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The Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Bullying in Children and Young People  aims to develop learners’ understanding of bullying, including how to recognise that bullying is taking place and how to take action to stop it. This qualification covers the definitions of bullying and cyber bullying, legislation that relates to bullying, the effects of bullying on children and young people and how to act when bullying is identified. 



12 weeks


*Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Bullying in Children and Young People

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  • UNIT 1: Principles of bullying

    • Section 1: What is meant by bullying 
    • Section 2: Key features of what behaviour is considered bullying 
    • Section 3: What is meant by cyber bullying 
    • Section 4: Bullying in context 
    • Section 5: The short and long-term effects of bullying 
    • Section 6: Discrimination. 

    UNIT 2: Recognising bullying in children and young people

    • Section 1: Individuals who may be at risk of bullying 
    • Section 2: The signs that a child or young person may be being bullied 
    • Section 3: Why children or young people bully 

    UNIT 3: Action to be taken when a child or young person is being bullied

    • Section 1: How to support a child or young person who is being bullied 
    • Section 2: How to approach the potential bully. 

    UNIT 4: Understand government guidelines for bullying

    • Section 1: The Equality Act 2010
    • Section 2: Government and Ofsted guidance on tackling bullying
    • Section 3: Policies and procedures for bullying.


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