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The Professional Recognition Awards have been developed for those at the highest professional levels within their chosen careers. The awards enable candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills within any sector or role. They can also help candidates working towards higher level qualifications.

Those achieving these awards will be granted an appropriate, internationally recognised post-nominal: LCGI, AfCGI, GCGI and MCGI.

These qualifications are ideal for those working at the highest professional levels in any role or sector and looking for an accredited qualification to provide recognition of their knowledge and skills. A wide range of occupational routes are available, allowing acknowledgement of the skills and experience gained in specific sectors.

The qualifications are designed for those who wish to gain recognition for the practical application of professional skills, knowledge and understanding in employment, offering an employment-based route to higher level qualifications.



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City & Guilds Professional Recognition Award

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  • The Professional Recognition Awards are a vocational route to higher level professional recognition and are:

    Comprehensive - the awards are offered in commercial and professional fields. There are no practical limitations on the areas of employment to which they may be related.

    Progressive - there is a clear line of progression through from Level 4 to Level 7 through the standards.

    Accessible - the awards are open to any candidate who meets the requirements and the standards.

    Competence-based - the awards recognise the practical application of professional skills, knowledge and understanding in employment. They offer an employment-based route to higher level qualifications. 


    Professional Recognition Award Standards

    • Commitment to Professional Standards
    • Communication and Information Management
    • Leadership
    • Professional Development
    • Working with Others
    • Managing Customer Relationships

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